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Seminario: “Web-Based Porting of VRKG-CollaborativeExploration: Adapting Virtual Reality Knowledge Graph Exploration to Browser Environments” di Gabriele Lodato

Novembre 30, 2023 @ 12:00 pm

This project focuses on the transformation of VRKG-CollaborativeExploration, a Virtual Reality (VR) application designed for knowledge graph exploration, into a web-based platform accessible through standard web browsers. The original application, developed in the Unity environment, facilitated data-driven discussions using a 3D representation of a Knowledge Graph induced by SPARQL query results. The goal of the project was to ensure a seamless transition from the VR application to the web, maintaining user engagement and efficiency. The implementation involved leveraging Unity for VR functionalities and JavaScript for SPARQL query integration. Challenges included adapting VR features to a web context, synchronizing user actions, and addressing compatibility issues. The resultant web-based solution retained the original application's functionality, introducing enhancements for optimal web user experience.
The project concludes with a proposed direction for future developments, aiming to conduct a thorough analysis of user engagement, assess learning effectiveness, and explore additional features for collaborative knowledge exploration in both VR and web environments.