The old saying is that "it's a small planet." It's true in terms of the information you can access across the globe and your connection to important decision makers and business leaders in every corner of our planet. And this is never more evident than in the world of global business, which encompasses any company or organization that operates outside of its home country.

As the complexities of global trade and commerce get more complicated, companies large and small must take steps to ensure they are prepared to face these new issues. This includes knowing the nuances and politics of international business, as well as being able to work with colleagues and partners in other countries than their own.

The undergraduate Journal of virtual meeting room for international business Global Business and Trade The journal, also known as JGBT contains articles, reports and commentary that are relevant to global business. It is also an official journal of the Consortium for Undergraduate International Business Education (CUIBE).

It is important to understand the ways that cultural differences affect the performance of your business abroad, whether you're a business owner who is considering entering international markets, or want to ensure that your employees are prepared. It is essential to understand the customs, holidays, and social norms that are prevalent in the various cultures you might encounter when doing global business. It's the best way to increase your "export IQ." It's also useful to be able to communicate with business partners from other countries. For example various cultures have different standards for personal space and greetings.