International student studying a Master's degree in Computer Science with main area of specialization in "Internet of Things". Studied "Serverless Computing" in my first year of the curriculum by Prof. Scarano, which opened my mind to wide-area of research to be done in IoT with sub-domain as cloud-computing. Serverless Computing acts as the backbone for IoT because of a large amount of data that need to be processed an stored on the cloud to be used for further decision making.


Title: Event-Based Facial Recognition Application

Application works with limited resource devices that can be used for visually impaired person's to help them identify friends and stranger by linking their social media accounts. This application works in such a way that profiles pictures are collected from social media account and help plot a knowledge-graph based on that picture and name of the people in the friend list of the disbaled person. So whenever a face is detected in video stream it trigger an event which runs a facial recogniton of the face with the information available through the knowledge-graph.

PDF File : Thesis

Code : DockerImage


Introduction to blogging with Jekyll

Hypergraph Web Application - Implemented with Jekyll


Python JavaScript


Chrome Extension for data analysis
Website Application for generating Hypergraphs

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