B.Sc. Thesis: Nalalium v2


Nalalium is the alarm, reinvented. It aims to help people get to their destination despite their degree of tiredness, in spite of that it's mainly addressed to commuters, students or frequent travelers.

Nalalium enforces the where (not when;)) alarm.

It's an iOS app already distributed through AppStore and an official website is available: http://www.nalalium.com.


Nalalium is mainly addressed to frequent travelers such as:

  • Commuters
  • Students


Nalalium (v1, branch: RELEASE_1x) is already available on the iOS AppStore, its target device is iPhone but it also runs on the iPad. It is currently priced in tier 1 (.99/.79).


Support to customers is being offered through an automated trouble ticket system; in case of assistance users may write to support@nalalium.com and a ticket will automatically be processed in few minutes.

Nalalium v2

Some insight

Current version of Nalalium is a bit out of date and doesn't make use of several facilities available on the most recent iOS releases. This is a raw list of features for v2:

  • Support for background on capable iOS devices
  • Support for more-than-one destination: user may add several destination, so he's relieved from the necessity to insert his destination every single time
  • Heuristics for a better energy experience

Nalalium v2 is also being rewritten from scratch; this new, improved, codebase will ease further development.

Schedule and Status

Development for M1 is expected to last four weeks.

Targets for M1
Target Deadline Status Notes
High level view controllers Week 1 COMPLETED
Geocoder Week 1 COMPLETED
Destination selection and map stuff Week 1/ Week 2, First half COMPLETED A serious bug has been discovered and reported in last iOS public release: Apple NDA applies; a workaround has been developed and deployed.
Core controllers Week 2 COMPLETED (kinda)
Generic attuator Week 3 COMPLETED This component will be pretty generic: alarms are generic events...;)
Tests -- Postponed to W4 Specific tests, UI Automation tests, perf tests...