Start of the work

Well, you've entered ISISLab, you're wondering "I'm a new graduate: What should I do now?"


Available thesis topis

The laboratory has various skills in different areas of Computer Science. You can get an idea of the research areas on the page that describes the research topics mainly studied in our laboratory.

Linee guida per la stesura della Tesi di laurea in ISISLab

In any case, if you have original ideas, we can discuss them together … come and visit us.

This section is support for undergraduates and provides indications that should help in the composition of the Degree Thesis.

Models for theses and seminars

On the appropriate page, you can find downloadable templates for the thesis and seminars.

Some questions about the seminars

We have collected some typical questions from graduate students about the seminars.

Tips for short seminars

A quick guide on how to structure the speech for the graduation session.