Research funded by Public Administrations

Operational agreement for the development of operational platforms and new tools and methodologies for the analysis of information from open sources

Funded by: Regional Council of Campania

Validity period: Contribution to research, in a three-year framework agreement 2017-2019, with annual agreements for specific themes.

Funds: 70.000 €

Project Accessible Village: enhancement and collaborative fruition of the Castle of Monteverde through virtual reality

Funded by: Comune di Monteverde (AV)

Validity period: Annual Research Contribution 2018

Funds: 20.000 €

Laviano Restituita

Virtual reconstruction of the city of Laviano as it was before the 1980 earthquake

Funded by: Comune di Laviano (SA)

Validity period: Annual research contribution 2010.

Funds: 9.325 €

To develop research on frontier topics concerning legal informatics and computational legal studies

Funded by: CNR- Istituto di Teoria e Tecniche dell'Informatica giuridica e gli studi giuridici computazionali.

Validity period: Annual research contribution 2015

Funds: 24.000 €

Research funded by Private Entities

Ottimizzazione e simulazione su Cloud

Funded by: ACT-OR s.r.l.

Validity period: Research grant for 3 years, for 2 research grants (2016-2019)

Funds: 150.000

IT platform based on mathematical models for an early and non-invasive diagnosis of neurogenerative diseases

Funded by: ACT-OR s.r.l

Validity period: Research Contribution (2019)

Funds: 16.000 €

Distance learning technologies

Funded bya: Bimed- Biennale delle Arti e delle Scienze del Mediterraneo

Validity period: Contributions to research in different years (2011, 2015)

Funds: 8.500 €

Evolution of the SPOD platform in order to adapt it to national metadata standards (DCAT-AP_IT) and to generalize the publication of data on CKAN regardless of the calling platforms

Funded by: Almawave s.r.l

Validity period: Annual convention 2018-2019

Funds: 60.000 €

evelopment environments for massive optimizations and simulations

Funded by: ACT-OR s.r.l.

Validity period: One year (2018)

Validity period: 48.800 €

ZED&L (Zero Emission Distribution and Logistics): logistic-distribution model for the transport of goods in urban areas

Finanziato da: ACT- OR s.r.l

Validity period: One year (2018)

Funds: 37.600 €

Intelligent sensor systems for lighting: design and implementation of a control application

Funded by: Geosystem s.r.l

Validity period: Annual Research Convention (2010)

Funds: 38.400 €

Assistance, design and production of useful software for fast and efficient emergency requests 'SOS Emergency Response

Funded by: 3G IT Innovation Technology s.r.l.

Validity period: Annual Research Convention (2013)

Funds: 8.196,72 €