With the increasing availability of massive data about real phenomena as well as patterns generated by the inter-actions of the components of a complex system, the ability to analyze large-scale networks and their behavior has become critically important, and this has led to the development of several scalable graph processing systems. In reality (for instance in social networks),  interactions take place not just between pairs of components as in the common graph model, but rather in the context of groups. Research has shown that such group dynamics can be better modeled through hypergraphs: a generalization of graphs. There are not yet, however, scalable systems to support hypergraph computation, and several challenges and opportunities arise in their design and implementation.
The goal of the Workshop is to contribute to the development of the areas of Hypergraphs: Theory, Designs and their applications, and to bring together the members of the Hypergraphs community from all over the world.

More detail available at Web site: http://hytac.isislab.it/ and follow the program: