WHITE (EU Leonardo da Vinci program)

Web For Handicap Integrated Training Environment (White) is an European funded project aiming to improve the educational/training systems to include people with physical disabilities (particularly visually impaired, people with disabilities about upper limbs and general movement). This proposal in the vocational training field concurs with other European Commettee initiatives (2003 has been named "people with disabilities European year") inviting Communitarian Countries to promote actions for social integration of disadvantaged people, like people with disabilities, by means of ICT, especially Internet. This project contains several actions for involving most of training agents (both public and private) in building a systemic logic (at territorial level) for a vocational training really including people with disabilities; for this reason some representative of trade associations, voluntary services and health local authorities are going to join in WHITE.

The general proposal will aim:

The project will be based on the following macro-activities and relevant products:

The last activity is over cross to entire project and will be a cyclic diffusion process regarding intermediary and final results by models to be adopted from all partners, including a dynamic evaluation model about quality and effectiveness of dissemination. Dissemination will mean the transfer of results and practices into other sectors where the training for people with physical disability is expected, such as working environments.