Resources for the students

Information for students

Internships and thesis work are carried out in the laboratory as it is essential to have a constant relationship between the various members of the ISISLab.

Seminars presented by the members of the laboratory themselves are held regularly within the ISISLab. The aims of the seminars are manifold

  • get to know the work of their colleagues;
  • experience presenting your work;
  • collectively evaluate one’s own work and its evolution;
  • receive suggestions and allow the exchange of ideas.

Tasks of a student at ISISLab

To be a student within the ISISLab requires that you actively participate in the activities of the laboratory, which will also be disseminated on the Discord server, which include Thursday seminars and all other events promulgated by the laboratory.

The first step as a student is to communicate your email to the contact person in order to be subscribed to the laboratory’s mailing list that allows you to receive all the updates about events and activities as well as receive your personal page on the site.

You must provide weekly feedback to your contact person about the progress of the work and keep track of it on your personal page on this site that will be assigned at the beginning of the internship.

The page must contain at least the information below but you can customize it as you like following your personal style.

  • Presentation (name, degree course, interests).
  • Thesis topic/internship with relative supervisor/tutor.
  • Seminars held (if done).
  • Progress diary (to be broken down into weeks/periods).