Procedures for the placement

Start of the training

Information on the start of the internal internship can be found on the following page in the section “Curricular internship (internal)”.

UNISA Internships :

The documents to be completed can be downloaded on the following page:

UNISA Modules:

The first necessary document is called “Fac-simile Progetto formativo tirocinio interno“.

The second necessary document is called “Addendum Tirocini Interni a Distanza Fase 3“.

Both documents must be completed in their entirety, below the information to be entered.

  • Laboratory: ISISLab.
  • Internship period: always indicate the maximum as number, 12 months, starting from the date on which you intend to send the request up to 12 months after
  • CFU and Total hours: check the number of CFU and the consequent number of hours required from your personal page on esse3.
  • Academic tutor: reference professor.
  • Objectives and methods of the internship: to be agreed with your contact person.

Both documents duly completed by the trainee should be sent by email to Dr Giusy Gonnella in order to affix the signature of the reference professor, indicated in the document as an academic tutor.

The documents filled out in their entirety and with the signature of your tutor should be sent by email to the Internship office of the Department of Informatics by entering as the subject of the email “[Teacher] + [Student] TI ProgForm and Addendum“.

Email address Dr Giusy Gonnella: 

Email address Internship and Internship office:

Traineeship register

It is advisable to fill in the traineeship register as you do your work in order to keep it up to date and not have any conflicts later.

The register can be downloaded in the modules section of the UNISA website called  “Fac-simile Registro Tirocinio Interno“.

Procedure for validating the traineeship

Once the project part of the internship has been completed, you must fill in the internship register if you have not already done so. You must ensure that:

  1. the amount of hours reported satisfies the hours and the CFU provided by your internship;
  2. the dates indicated do not conflict with other events (holidays, courses, exams, etc.);
  3. have signed all the fields in which it is required

Once this has been verified, it is good to send the register to your contact person for further verification.

The duly completed register must be sent by email to Dr Giusy Gonnella inserting her academic tutor in cc to receive the signature.

The documents completed in their entirety and with the signature of your tutor should be sent to the Internship office of the Department of Informatics.

E-mail address: Dr Giusy Gonnella

Email address:  Internship and Internship