This section is a support for undergraduates and provides indications that should be of help in the composition of the Degree Thesis.

Lo stile della tesi in ISISLab è racchiuso nel Template. Si scrive in LaTeX, il che rende la tesi molto più compatta e facilmente gestibile di altri sistemi di word processing.

The style of the thesis in ISISLab is enclosed in the Template. It is written in LaTeX, which makes the thesis much more compact and easily manageable than other word processing systems.

LaTeX resources

Some recommended resources for quality and stability.

  • MiKTeX is an implementation of TeX/LaTeX for Windows, MacOS and Linux.
  • TeXnicCenter s a LaTeX editor for Windows.
  • JabRef is a multi-platform tool for managing even complex bibliographies.
  • "LaTeX per l'impaziente" is a manual of Lorenzo Pantieri. (Book in Italian version)
  • The WikiBooks page dedicated to the Listings package for source code layout.
  • Instructions for using the Listings package to manage the layout of the source code: [3] e [4]
  • The CTAN archive contains all possible and imaginable documentation. See the packages divided by topic.

Structure suggestions

Here are some resources for linguistic and style doubts.

A beautiful document by Giuseppe Tesorio on the writing of the theme for the Maturity exam. It contains many suggestions that can be used by you for the thesis, as well as a nice collection of "typical errors".


In ISISLab the seminars are a rule: every week (excluding holidays to be sanctified) a seminar is held, held by a thesis student or by one of the ISISLab researchers. See the seminar FAQs for more information.

  • The style of the seminars is available here
  • Some information on how to pre
  • pare a presentation:
    • "Issues in making an oral presentation" by Oliver Danvy in [8]
  • Some Typical seminar errors are collected from the memory of those preparing the seminar


Template of PowerPoint seminars

Template for the thesis in LaTeX

Guide to the thesis of Vittorio Scarano (in Italian language)
(obsolete, here proposed only for archiving purposes)