Collaboration with the regional Open data project "Open Data Campania". The project aims to disseminate the culture of data (Open Data) on the Campania region, to allow the use of data in making decisions and through images (interactive) aiming to explain the data.

Furthermore, the objective is to build an internal community on Open Data and transfer to the regional staff the necessary  technological skills for the autonomous management of Open data.

The basic idea is to encourage a change in the way data is worked and to introduce collaborative and co-creating datasets that, once tested internally, can also be extended to the outside, involving larger communities and stakeholders of the territory.

The platform for the Campania Region, designed and  developed within Horizon 2020 ROUTE-TO-PA research  project, coordinated by Prof. Vittorio Scarano, called "Open Campania creates", allows social collaboration and data co-creation using open data through different types of visualizations (datalets), made with a tool that guides the user is more or less experienced. A main feature of the "Campania create" platform is the creation of datasets, in a collaborative and real-time manner.

The "Open Campania Create" platform will publish the data with an Open license to guarantee the usability of the data, it also introduces a process that aims to make the data usable, introduces standards (DCAT-AP) for the usability of data and indicators of quality to comply with certain legal requirements such as protecting sensitive information, protecting the rights of data owners and encouraging correct use of data.