Enable Social Collaboration in Life Science Teams

ElGalaxy aims to support collaboration among researchers in Life Science field working on the same project. Elgalaxy integrates Galaxy, a well known scientific workflow management system, with Elgg, a social network engine.

The integration between Galaxy and Elgg aims to create a virtual place where researchers can share information about the project on which they are collaborating on.

ElGalaxy allows researchers to create groups corresponding to workteams. Then, the collaboration among team members is supported by:

Workflow Sharing

ElGalaxy allows the user to share his/her workflow with one of the social groups to which s/he belongs to.

Histories Sharing

ElGalaxy allows the user to share histories produced by a previously shared workflow.

Additional Resources Sharing

Besides histories and workflows, ElGalaxy allows to create collections of files, bookmaarks, blog post shared among all the team members.

Vocational Social Collaboration

Each of the shared resources can be visualized and commented by every team member. This aims to build a common knowledge within the team about work aims, progresses and best practices.


ElGalaxy is an open source project developed as the integration of Elgg, an open source social network engine, and Galaxy, an open platform for data biomedical research and scientific workflows management.