The project

The project supports Creative Writing and is based on the research products of the ISISlab laboratory, of the Computer Science Department of the University of Salerno, in the field of collaborative systems and learning support.

The system is inspired by the narrative techniques of Gianni Rodari, illustrated in the  “The Grammar of Fantasy” famous book  (1973) by Gianni Rodari, to stimulate the creation of fantastic stories, starting with a few simple verbal inputs. It is also possible to continue stories initiated by others and creatively weave the plots, another aspect borrowed from the theories of our author.The project intended to  integrate narrative techniques on many different levels, i.e  from primary school to secondary school.


Experiment Storylet

Aggiungi qui il testo dell'intestazione

What is a Storylet?

The name StoryLet is a name born by chance, when, discussing among ourselves, we had to somehow indicate this “object”, this thing we were talking about.

The name StoryLet came about by chance, comparing this “digital interactive story” to the code that is executed within the user’s browser, and which is called “Applet“.