Distributed Multi-Agents simulations toolkit

DMASON is a parallel version of the MASON library for writing and running simulations of Agent based simulation models.


Agent-based simulation models are an increasingly popular tool for research and management in many, different and diverse fields. In executing such simulations the “speed” is one of the most general and important issues. The traditional answer to this issue is to invest resources in deploying a dedicated installation of dedicated computers. In this paper we present a framework, D-MASON, that is a parallel version of the MASON, a library for writing and running Agentbased simulations. D-MASON is designed to harness unused PCs for increased performances

Why Distributed MASON?

Among the motivations to our focus on distributing the simulation on several machines, we can underline how the need for efficiency among the Agent-Based modeling tools is well recognized in literature: many reviews of state-of-the-art frameworks place “speed” upfront as one of the most general and important issues. While a consistent work has been done to allow the distribution of agents on several computing nodes, our approach here is different in principle: we want to introduce the distribution at the framework level, so that the scientists that use the framework (domain experts but with limited knowledge of computer programming and systems) can be unaware of such distribution.

Examples Gallery

Flockers: Boid Model Simulation.